Staircase Flesh, 2009, one channel video installation.

"a spreading water stain is projected on the floor. The picture which is being constructed and defragmented in water, the artistīs body is revealed, walking around and down a metal staircase leading to a tunnel which connects two river sides together. The installation refers to Duschampīs painting nude descending stairs. His painting is a synthesis of Cubism and futurism modes of construction,Cubistic are the different angles of perspective on the woman, futuristic is the temporal comprehension of the action. In this way it's a futuristic execution of a cubistic representation

The conflict in the painting between the different point of views, looks like the trace of a battle between different lookers. The installation aims to translate this complex arrangement of space and time of the painting under the conditions of new media and with an expansion in the "real" installation space defragmentation of space on different levels and temporal differentiation in synthesis." Dr. Stefanie Stahlschuss.