The end of art, 2010.

"Art will have a future, it is only that our art will not. our is a form of life that has grown old."

Can one really get rid of art? Especially nowadays, in our "post-medium condition?" What does it mean, in the aforementioned condition, for an artist to change profession? The end of art is a series of video documentation, which regards this questions and others. It is consisting of former artworks together with the current work routine of people who quit art making for another occupation.

F. Rubanov was a former performence artist, nowadays a prist, teaching the foundation of christianity in post soviet Russia.

Gerd belz was a video artist, re- watches "Kraft und Funke"´his Video from 85.

Regina Steenbock, a designer and clothes shop owner, was a filmmaker, facing "Vel", a film she made in 85´.