Reward, 2012, video installation and performance,

Above, documentation stills of performance.

The project consists of two parts; firstly, three films depicting street commerce - small deals and trades or black market work and money making. These deals include drug dealing, begging, and robbery. I myself (the artist) play all the roles of the various film subjects, both men and women. This results in a series of videos, in which I am seen while begging myself for small change, selling drugs to myself, robbing myself. My double (or multiple) performances are synthesized on screen as a video composite of separate shoots. Each film is staged and shot outdoors, under conditions of relative invisibility. For the entire film my face features remain unrecognized, blurred, distant, or hidden. Secondly, after watching the videos, the visitor is invited to a small, separate cabin. He is asked to compose a portrait of the person shown in the films, with the assistance of a training detective. The portraits accumulate to a separate body of work within the exhibition. The most similar composite picture to the actual person in the film won a 500 Euro cash prize.